Are you fed up with fake or unreliable sellers?

Then look no further.

With several years experience working with reputable sellers, all with a full allocation and past performance with us and with authority to supply Brazilian IC 45 sugar, we are uniquely positioned to offer a wide range of solutions and price points, based on Contract, Spot, HSS or FST and Containers.

In the unruly sugar trade our ethic is to provide our Real Sellers with Real Buyers.

We offer both ultra-competitive and achievable prices direct from our suppliers.

We understand the operational challenges faced by our customers, as well as the cultural sensitivities of their markets, and offer them relevant and effective local and global solutions from our unique positions in the USA, Europe, the Middle East, ASEAN and China.

Whether you are an intermediary/broker, or a direct client, if you want an honest, straight talking, and knowledgeable partner in the sugar business, then we should be your first, and only choice.

WATCH OUT FOR FRAUD: http://www.almac.co.uk/personal/roberts/fraud2.html